29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 observed at Taurus Hill Observatory.

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29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1, discovered 1925, orbits the Sun behind the Jupiter in quite round orbit. It does not come near the Sun and therefore it can be only observed by the telescope and CCD -camera. The interesting thing in this comet is that it has a material bursts time to time. These bursts can effect so that the comets magnitude rises very much from the “basic” magnitude. Now the magnitude of the comet is about 14-15. The class of the comet is so called “Centaurs”. Taurus Hill Observatory research team observed and photographed this comet on the night of the 13./14.10.2007. This picture is a combine of eight individual pictures that has exposure of 120 seconds each. The comet is about 0.5 arc minutes wide and it has quite bright coma.

Observers: Veli-Pekka Hentunen and Markku Nissinen

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