Taurus Hill Observatory’s mesurements as part of the OJ 287 Nature -article.

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Taurus Hill Observatory’s research team members Veli-Pekka Hentunen and Markku Nissinen made photometric observations about the blazar OJ 287 over one year for the research team that is led by the professor Mauri Valtonen from the Tuorla Observatory, Turku. Now there is an article about the results of the OJ 287 research campaign in the the well recognized science journal Nature (Volume 452 7189 pp781-912, April 17. 2008). The article is in the Letters -section (pages 851-853) The full name and the writers of the article is:

A massive binary black-hole system in OJ 287 and a test of general relativity
M. J. Valtonen, H. J. Lehto, K. Nilsson, J. Heidt, L. O. Takalo, A. Sillanpää, C. Villforth, M. Kidger, G. Poyner, T. Pursimo, S. Zola, J.-H. Wu, X. Zhou, K. Sadakane, M. Drozdz, D. Koziel, D. Marchev, W. Ogloza, C. Porowski, M. Siwak, G. Stachowski, M. Winiarski, V.-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, A. Liakos & S. Dogru