Exoplanets XO-2b and GJ436b observed at Taurus Hill Observatory.

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Taurus Hill Observatory’s research team member Veli-Pekka Hentunen measured the light curves of the exoplanets XO-2b and GJ436b at Taurus Hill Observatory 22./23.4.2008. Veli-Pekka used photometric R-filter and 50 sec. exposure times for both measurements. The weather was quite good, only the full moon shined low in the southern sky. Due this, and the shorter night time in Finland, the sky wasn’t absolutely dark. Especially the transit of the GJ436b was effected by the rising Sun. The temperature was few celsius degrees below the freezing point.

Observer: Veli-Pekka Hentunen

XO-2b transit in fully:


Half of the GJ436b transit: