Taurus Hill Observatory Board and Staff Members for the Year 2010.

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Veli-Pekka Hentunen will be the Chairman of Board in the year 2010 and Tuomo Salmi takes the responsibility of the leading the research group of the Taurus Hill Observatory and Warkauden Kassiopeia. Other changes are Seija Purhonen as Financial Manager and Markku Nissinen as researcher of the Taurus Hill Observatory. The full details of the board and staff members are below and in the contact information page. 

Veli-Pekka Hentunen
veli-pekka.hentunen (ät) kassiopeia.net

Harri Vilokki
harri.vilokki (ät) kassiopeia.net

Olli Rantula
olli.rantula (ät) kassiopeia.net

Seija Purhonen
Financial Manager

Hannu Aartolahti
Manager of the Observatory,
Head of the Observatory Group
hannu.aartolahti (ät) kassiopeia.net 
Tel: +358 40 0142727


Tuomo Salmi
Head of the Research Group 
tuomo.salmi (ät) kassiopeia.net

Markku Nissinen
Taurus Hill Observatory research programs
markku.nissinen (ät) kassiopeia.net
Tel: +358 40 5877600 

Jari Juutilainen
Head of the Teleinformatics Group
jari.juutilainen (ät) kassiopeia.net


Harri Haukka
Chief Editor of the Ad Astra Magazine,
Website Content Manager
harri.haukka (ät) kassiopeia.net