Exoplanet Qatar-1b observed at Taurus Hill Observatory

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THO research team managed to measure the light curve of the exoplanet Qatar-1b that is the first exoplanet discovered by the Qatarian research team. The THO measurement was made in the morning hours of 1.2.2011. Due some clouds there are some caps in the light curve. Also the brightening sky made the last part of the mesurement a bit difficult. Even so the transit is quite well visible in the light curve. According the discovery information, planet has a period of revolution time of 97.7 minutes and the depth of the dimmening 20 mmag (K.A. Alsubai et al., 14.12.2010). The mother star of the planet is GSC 4240-470 that has the brightness of V = 12,84 mag. The star is located about 550 light years from the Earth and it is K-type dwarf star.