Exoplanet KOI203b observed twice at Taurus Hill Observatory.

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Taurus Hill Observatory research team continued the exoplanet observation by observing exoplanet KOI 203b twice in short time. The exoplanet is located in Cygnus and the mother star is quite dim for the photometric measurements, only 14.4 magnitudes. In the first measurement (22./23.4.2011) the duration of the transit, according the measurements, was 128.4 minutes and the depth of the dimmening 12.5 mmag. This observation has been published in TRESCA database. (CREDIT TRESCA: http://var2.astro.cz/EN/tresca/transit-detail.php?id=1303534845 ).


Second time KOI203b was observed 25./26.4.2011. This time the duration of the transit was 130.9 minutes and the depth of the dimmening 27.4 mmag. This observation has also published in TRESCA database (CREDIT TRESCA: http://var2.astro.cz/EN/tresca/transit-detail.php?id=1303784467 ).