Taurus Hill Observatory research team in EPSC-DPS in Nantes, France.

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Taurus Hill Observatory research team members Tuomo Salmi and Harri Haukka will participate to the EPSC-DPS conference that is held in Nantes, France, 2.-7.10.2011. Tuomo Salmi will give an oral presentation about the exoplanet research and observations that THO reasearch team have done in las years. Tuomo’s presentation, “Ground Based Support for Exoplanet Space Missions“, is on Friday 7th of October 11:00-11:15 in room Mars in La Cité Internationale des Congrès Nantes Métropole. All who are in EPSC-DPS at that time are welcome to hear and see THO activities in field of exoplanet research.

Tuomo and Harri will also participate to the “NA1-NA2 Meeting – Amateur Observations of Exoplanets” -workshop during the EPSC-DPS. This workshop is held on Thursday 6th of October 13:30–15:00 in room Lune. The EPSC-DPS meeting is a follow-up meeting for the Graz meeting that was held in spring 2011. More about EPSC-DPS meeting can be found from the EPSC-DPS website.


EPSC-DPS 2011 poster.