This is the official website for the observation feed of Taurus Hill Observatory.

Jos etsit Härkämäen Observatorion suomenkielisiä sivuja, niin vieraile Warkauden Kassiopeia ry:n sivuilla.

What is Taurus Hill Observatory?

Taurus Hill Observatory (THO) is observation site of an amateur astronomical association Warkauden Kassiopeia ry. and is located in Varkaus, Finland. The construction of the THO was began at the end of the summer 2002 and it was completed in the early spring of the year 2004 (for observatory building and research barracks). At present Taurus Hill Observatory is one of the biggest amateur observatories in Finland.

Nowadays Taurus Hill Observatory site has an Observatory, research barracks, lean-to, hut and 125m^2 clubhouse which offers accommodation services and even traditional Finnish sauna!

Taurus Hill Observatory has an Observatory Code (A95) assigned by the Minor Planet Center (a service of the International Astronomical Union).

Your Resarch Made in OUR Observatory?

Taurus Hill Observatory is searching the possibilities to use observations in astronomical research and for that the observatory needs partners in cooperation. Partner candidates may contact the observatory staff for further information.

Taurus Hill Observatory in Social Media

Taurus Hill observatory is now also in Facebook. So please joint to our Facebook group and comment our activities and observations. We also have a Twitter account that you can follow. All of our all sky camera videos as well as some of the events (lectures etc.) are in our YouTube channel.

If you would like to follow our news in real time, check out our RRS-feed and you get the latest news just after they are published.

Warkauden Kassiopeia (owner of the THO) has a 20th anniversary on 2021 and it will be visible in our websites and social media channels. The celebration year logo is below.

COVID-19 information and announcement

Taurus Hill Observatory visits and public events cannot take place normally due to the corona epidemic.

  • You can visit THO, but you have to stay is outside.
  • The observatory equipment and telescopes are not in use.
  • The maximum group size recommendation is 10 people.
  • Events etc. are held outside so that everyone can hear the performance.
  • THO staff does not serve coffee or other services, so visitors must have their own snacks etc. with them.
  • Visitors should be absolutely asymptomatic.
  • During events, the use of a face mask is highly recommended.
  • NOTE!! Local restrictions may overrule the guidelines presented above. Therefore please contact observatory staff to get an updated regulations and guidelines.

We wish that you take these restrictions and recommendation account when visiting at THO.