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Bright fireball observed at Taurus Hill Observatory

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It has been a while since the sky was clear above the Taurus Hill Observatory. 25.-26.2.2014 THO’s all-sky -camera photographed a fireball that had a brightness of full Moon. The time and the direction of the fireball above were in line with the visual observation made by Mikko Savolainen in Kouvola (in Finnish:

Bright fireball photographed.

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On Tuesday 10.9. about 02:06 (Finnish time) Taurus Hill Observatory all sky -camera photographed a very bright fireball (meteor). The brightness of the fireball was about same than full Moon has. The fireball exploded and left about 30 degree long “smoke tail” that was visible about 25 minutes after exlosion. At the same night (3:29 […]