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Taurus Hill Observatory Board and Staff Members for the Year 2010.

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Veli-Pekka Hentunen will be the Chairman of Board in the year 2010 and Tuomo Salmi takes the responsibility of the leading the research group of the Taurus Hill Observatory and Warkauden Kassiopeia. Other changes are Seija Purhonen as Financial Manager and Markku Nissinen as researcher of the Taurus Hill Observatory. The full details of the […]

Taurus Hill Observatory organize a Galileoscope event 10.6.

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Taurus Hill Observatory organize a Galileoscope event 10th of June as one part of the International Year of Astronomy activities of the observatory. This years event is fourth in a row. The first galileoscope event was organized 2006 as part of the Vekara Varkaus children event. The event will start 10:00 and it ends 16:00. In the […]

New main telescope arrived and installed.

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The new main telescope, Celestron C-14, of the Taurus Hill Observatory arrived 2.2.2009. The research team mounted the telescope in the same evening to the Paramount ME mount. After mounting, the team photographed some “first light” -pictures with the Canon 40D and the SBIG CCD -cameras. The mounting was carried out by Hannu Aartolahti, Markku […]

Update your RSS feed address.

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The RSS feed address of the Taurus Hill Observatory has changed. Now it is Please update this to your feedreader program etc.

Plejades and Moon met in the sky.

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Hannu Aartolahti from the THO research team photographed the Plejades and the Moon when they aligned 7.1.2009. Hannu used Canon EOS 350D with 18mm lens, ISO800 and one sec. exposure time. In the pictures below the Plejades are just left side of the Moon. You can still see all stars of the Plejades, but few moments […]