THO virtual poster in EPSC 2021 on September

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EPSC, or Europlanet Science Congress, 2021 will be held online, as in the previous year. Taurus Hill Observatory observations will be presented again this time as part of the ODAA5 session on Friday, September 24th.

It is not possible to present a typical scientific poster in a virtual conference, but now, for the second year in a row, the poster has been replaced by a mini-presentation with six PowerPoint etc. slides. Taurus Hill Observatory mini-presentation is in the ODAA5 session. Behind this “code” lies the session “Professional-Amateur Collaborations in Small Bodies, Terrestrial and Giant Planets, Exoplanets, and Ground-Based Support of Space Missions” which, as its name implies, covers a fairly large spectrum of amateur astronomy related topics. Attached is a list ofthe content of the session The pages of the conference itself can be found at The conference is not free, but some of the material is also available free of charge. To find your ODAA5 session on your page, click this link.

ExoClock project: a pro-am collaboration to monitor the exoplanet ephemerides for the Ariel space mission
Anastasia Kokori

Taurus Hill Observatory season 2020/2021 exoplanet review. HAT-P-38b (Hiisi) and secondary eclipse of the HAT-P-32b exoplanet.
Harri Haukka, Veli-Pekka Hentunen, Markku Nissinen, Tuomo Salmi, Hannu Aartolahti, Jari Juutilainen, Esa Heikkinen, and Harri Vilokki

Amateur astronomy support to current and future space missions: From the 2010s to the 2030s
Ricardo Hueso, Leigh Fletcher, Glenn Orton, Agustín Sánchez-Lavega, Candice Hansen, John Rogers, Olivier Mousis, Marc Delcroix, and Manuel Scherf

Diminishing of Martian Southern Polar Cap in Apparition 2020–2021
Veikko Mäkelä and Paula-Christiina Wirtanen

Determination of Mars clouds’ altitude on amateur images and implication on new types of clouds
Marc Delcroix, Jean-Luc Dauvergne, Emmanuel Beaudouin, Jean Lilensten, and Mathieu Vincendon

Juno’s Extended Mission and the Contributing Role of Amateur Observers
Glenn Orton, Thomas Momary, Candice Hansen, and Scott Bolton

The latest developments of Jupiter’s STB May 2020 outbreak (“Clyde’s Spot”)
Clyde Foster, Ricardo Hueso, Peio Iñurrigarro, Agustin Sanchez-Lavega, John Rogers, Glenn Orton, Candice Hansen, Tom Momery, Shinji Mizumoto, Kevin Baines, Shawn Brueshaber, Jonathan Yan, and Emma Dahl

Stationary waves in Jupiter’s Equatorial Zone in 2020 
John Rogers and Christopher Go

Experimental Observations of Jupiter in the Optical Ammonia Band at 645 nm
Steven Hill

Ancient Asteroids: An international observing campaign for the characterisation of the oldest asteroid collisional families
Dimitrios Athanasopoulos, Roberto Bonamico, Gerard Van Belle, Matthieu Conjat, Andrea Ferrero, Josef Hanuš, Josef Ďurech, Chrysa Avdellidiou, Kleomenis Tsiganis, Marco Delbo, and Kosmas Gazeas

Photometric observations of the main-belt asteroid 665 Sabine and Minor Planet Bulletin
Nick Sioulas

A successful example of citizen science within the PRISMA network applied to the 15th March 2021 bolide over Italy
Daniele Gardiol, Tiberio Cuppone, Giovanni Ascione, Dario Barghini, Albino Carbognani, Mario Di Martino, Matteo Di Carlo, Francesco Ianniello, Giovanni Pratesi, Walter Riva, Elia Rubino, Pasquale Russo, Giovanna Stirpe, Diego Valeri, and C.Antonio Volpicelli and the the PRISMA collaboration

Supporting the planetary sciences community with the Europlanet Telescope Network
Manuel Scherf, Colin Snodgrass, Grazina Tautvaisiene, Ricardo Hueso, Edyta Podlewska-Gaca, Francois Colas, Itziar Garate-Lopez, Krzysztof Langner, and Günter Kargl

Virtual Workshop on the use of the Europlanet Telescope Networkfor amateur astronomers: An experience from the Spanish-Portuguese hub of the Europlanet Society
Itziar Garate-Lopez, Joaquín Álvaro, Ricardo Hueso, Gabriella Gilli, Iñaki Ordóñez-Etxeberria, Ramón Navès Nogues, Mercè Correa, Montse Campàs, and Manuel Scherf

ASTRALE: a citizen-driven project for air quality and all-sky monitoring
Ivan Delvecchio, Stefano Capretti, Leone Di Mario, Amedeo Ferrante, Valeriano Antonini, Lorenzo Spina, Raffaela Ennas, Barbara Mantegazza, Italo Alfieri, Eleonora Piromalli, and Andrea Zanardi

THO virtual poster in EPSC 2021.