Telescopes and Mounts

16″ Meade ACF LX800, f/8

14″ Celestron C14 XLT (CGE), 3910/355.6, f/11

2.4″ Lunt LS60 h-alpha solar telescope, 500/60, f/8.3

Sky-Watcher ESPRIT-120ED, 840/120, f/7

12″ Meade LX200GPS (UHTC), 3048/305, f/10

5″ Meade LXD55 EMC, 1143/127, f/9

Baader Planetarium 15×80 binoculars

Other telescopes in use of Taurus Hill Observatory (not owned):

JS-Dobson, 1000/205, f/5
– Helios Skyliner, 1000/200, f/5
TAL-1, 805/110, f/7.3


– ASI 2900 MM Pro
Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) STT-8300M CCD -camera
– Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) ST-8XME CCD -camera
Starlight Express Oculus All Sky -camera
Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) AO-7 Adaptive Optics Accessory
Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) CFW-8 Color Filter Wheel
Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) CFW-8 extra carrousel
Johnson UBVRI photometry filters
Optec NextGen 0.5 Focal Reducer
Meade Series 5000 2″ TeleXtender
Meade LPI -camera
– Philips ToUcam Pro web camera + telescope adapter
– ScopeTronix Digi-T camera adapter (Nikon CP885, Nikon CP4300)

Computer Softwares

MaxIm DL 4
AutoStar Suite
Skymap Pro 8
The Sky 6


– Colour Filters:

  • Celestron No. 25, Celestron No. 21, Celestron No. 96-0.6, Neutral Density “Moonfilter”, Color filters and Moon filter from TAL-1 telescope

– Other Filters:

  • Baader OIII, Baader UV/IR Cut, Baader U-Filter “Venusfilter” (Photo-only), Baader UHC-S Nebula, Baader Solar Continuum filter, Celestron Polarizer, Neodymium Moon & Skyglow

Other equipment

– AFT Wireless Weather Station – Measures outside temperature, speed of wind, direction of wind, rainfall, air pressure and moisture of air. Time synchronized with atom clock in German.
– Meade Field De-rotater
– Meade 2″ Diagonal Mirror
– JS-observatory’s Sun filter to Helios Skyliner
– Sun filters to 12″ Meade LX200GPS (D5.0 and D3.5)
– JS-observatory’s Sun filter to 5″ Meade LXD55 EMC