Taurus Hill Observatory does real scientific research work. Many of these studies, mainly light curve measurements, end up in national and international scientific publications. The publication list of the observatory is quite comprehensive. Mainly observatory measurements have been published in e.g. IAU’s Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams (CBET), NASA’s The Gamma-ray Coordinates Network (GCN) and scientific posters (i.e. posters) at various conferences. In addition, a few measurement campaigns have ended up in one of the most prestigious publications in the field, i.e. Nature.

Observatorys scientific publications can be found conveniently, e.g. From the ADS database maintained by Harvard. Attached are direct links to Veli-Pekka Hentunen and Markku Nissinen database searches, and these pretty well cover all of scientific publications. You can also search the database for other members of our association if you want to find out the scientific contributions of a certain person.

Selected Scientific Publications

  • A massive binary black-hole system in OJ 287 and a test of general relativity; M. J. Valtonen, H. J. Lehto, K. Nilsson, J. Heidt, L. O. Takalo, A. Sillanpää, C. Villforth, M. Kidger, G. Poyner, T. Pursimo, S. Zola, J.-H. Wu, X. Zhou, K. Sadakane, M. Drozdz, D. Koziel, D. Marchev, W. Ogloza, C. Porowski, M. Siwak, G. Stachowski, M. Winiarski, V.-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, A. Liakos & S. Dogru; Nature – Volume 452 Number 7189 pp851-853; Nature Publishing Group; 2008; 3 pages.
  • Asteroid shape and spin statistics from convex models; Torppa, J.; Hentunen, V.-P.; Pääkkönen, P.; Kehusmaa, P.; Muinonen, K.; Icarus – Volume 198 Issue 1 pp 91–107; 2008; 17 pages
  • A low-energy core-collapse supernova without a hydrogen envelope; Valenti, S.; Pastorello, A.; Cappellaro, E.; Benetti, S.; Mazzali, P. A.; Manteca, J.;
    Taubenberger, S.; Elias-Rosa, N.; Ferrando, R.; Harutyunyan, A.; Hentunen, V. P.; Nissinen, M.; Pian, E.; Turatto, M.; Zampieri, L.; Smartt, S. J.; Nature – Volume 459 Number 8023 pp674 -677; 2009; 4 pages
  • Variability and stability in blazar jets on time scales of years: Optical polarization monitoring of OJ287 in 2005-2009; Villforth, C.; Nilsson, K.; Heidt, J.; Takalo, L. O.; Pursimo, T.; Berdyugin, A.; Lindfors, E.; Pasanen, M.; Winiarski, M.; Drozdz, M.; Ogloza, W.; Kurpinska-Winiarska, M.; Siwak, M.; Koziel-Wierzbowska, D.; Porowski, C.; Kuzmicz, A.; Krzesinski, J.; Kundera, T.; Wu, J. -H.; Zhou, X.; Efimov, Y.; Sadakane, K.; Kamada, M.; Ohlert, J.; Hentunen, V. -P.; Nissinen, M.; Dietrich, M.; Assef, R. J.; Atlee, D. W.; Bird, J.; DePoy, D. L.; Eastman, J.; Peeples, M. S.; Prieto, J.; Watson, L.; Yee, J. C.; Liakos, A.; Niarchos, P.; Gazeas, K.; Dogru, S.; Donmez, A.; Marchev, D.; Coggins-Hill, S. A.; Mattingly, A.; Keel, W. C.; Haque, S.; Aungwerojwit, A.; Bergvall, N.; Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 402, Issue 3, pp. 2087-2111; 25 pages.

THO Publications Series


  • Exoplanet Observations in Taurus Hill Observatory – Scientific Support for Research Programs; Harri Haukka, Veli-Pekka Hentunen, Markku Nissinen, Tuomo Salmi, Hannu Aartolahti, Jari Juutilainen, Esa Heikkinen, and Harri Vilokki; Europlanet Science Congress 2020; EPSC2020-527; 2020
  • Organized network for supporting the amateur–scientist co-operation in Finland; V. Mäkelä, H. Haukka, A. Oksanen and V-P. Hentunen; European Planetary Science Congress 2014; Vol. 9, EPSC2014-168, 2014 [PDF]; Poster
  • Pro-Amateur Observatories as a Significant Resource for Professional Astronomers – Taurus Hill Observatory; H. Haukka, V-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, T. Salmi, H. Aartolahti, J. Juutilainen and H. Vilokki; European Planetary Science Congress 2013; Vol. 8, EPSC2013-443, 2013 [PDF]; Poster
  • Amateur astronomy by Taurus Hill Observatory; T. Salmi, V-P. Hentunen; European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS) 2013, Turku, Finland; Oral talk
  • Transit Observations in Taurus Hill Observatory; H. Haukka, V-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, T. Salmi, H. Aartolahti, J. Juutilainen and H. Vilokki; European Planetary Science Congress 2012; Vol. 7 EPSC2012-169 2012 [PDF]; Poster
  • Ground Based Support for Exoplanet Space Missions, Oral presentation; H. Haukka, V-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, T. Salmi, H. Aartolahti, J. Juutilainen and H. Vilokki; EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011; Vol. 6, EPSC-DPS2011-683, 2011 [PDF, abstract]; Oral talk
  • Small telescope stellar object light curve measurements; H. Haukka, V-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, T. Salmi and H. Aartolahti; European Planetary Science Congress 2010; Vol. 5, EPSC2010-170, 2010 [PDF]; Poster
  • Small Telescope Exoplanet Observations in Taurus Hill Observatory; V.-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, H. Haukka and H. Aartolahti; European Planetary Science Congress 2009; Vol. 4, EPSC2009-119, 2009 [PDF]; Poster
  • Astronomical Research by Amateurs at Taurus Hill (Härkämäki) Observatory; V.-P. Hentunen; A National Meeting of the Finnish ESO Scientist and Students, Tuorla Observatory; 2008 [PDF]; Poster
  • VT-2004 in Finland; A. Oksanen, H. Haukka; “The Venus Transit Experience” -meeting in Paris; 2004 [PDF]; Poster