Star Charts from Taurus Hill Observatory Site

Here are some star charts that shows what is the current and midnight sky position in Taurus Hill Observatory. These charts are generated form Ursa Astronomical Association’s web star chart program.

Phase of the Moon at the moment:

Taurus Hill Observatory All Sky -camera (Beta)

Click the photo above for latest all sky -camera image with time tag. Note that the camera doesn’t take photos 24/7. This all sky -camera service is still under development.

Weather forecasts and weather cameras in Taurus Hill Observatory region

Here are some links that helps if you want to know the current weather in Taurus Hill Observatory.

Weather cameras

Weather forecasts for Taurus Hill Observatory region and other good weather links

Aurora forecasts

Here are some links and pictures that might help in aurora forecasts.

  • Auroras Now! – Finnish Meteorological Institute forecasts for auroras

Aurora map

This map shows the current magnetic field activity. If the oval is red, it is very likely that there are some auroras.

Solar X-rays and geomagnetic field:

Solar X-ray:

Geomagnetic Field: