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Some halos observed by Jari Juutilainen

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THO research team member Jari Juutilainen observed very bright halos in Tampere. In addition with the “normal” halos Jari observed e.g. Parry arc that isn’t so usual phenomenon. More in Jari’s Pimennysmatkaaja blog (in Finnish)

Halos observed by the all sky camera

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Taurus Hill Observatory all sky camera has observed also some halos during the early spring. Here are the highlights. 6.3.2014 Halo of the Moon and the Jupiter. 10.3.2014 Halo of the Moon and 22″ halo. 12.3.2014 The 9″ halo (Van Buijsen) and 22″ halo. The halo of the Moon