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Partial solar eclipse observed in Varkaus

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The partial solar eclipse was observed on Friday 20.3. in Kuoppakangas school yard in Varkaus. The weather was perfect for making observations and there were over 500 visitors who saw this quite rare event live. Here are some event images and images taken with Lunt solar telescope by Esa Heikkinen. In addition there are some […]

All sky auroras 17./18.3. observed at THO

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This cycles largest solar storm, a G4-class level, hit the Earth’s magnetic field 17.3.  As a consequence, the whole of Finland was reflected in the huge auroras. Taurus Hill Observatory all sky camera recorded the auroras throughout the night. Here are some example pictures and the video from the night. httpvh:// Check also the auroras photographed in Tampere (Finland) by […]

Europa “overpassed” the Io

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Jari Juutilainen observed Europa and Io, moons of Jupiter, 7.2.2015 18:30-01:14 when Europa “overpassed” the Io. Jari used a normal digital SLR camera for his observations. In Jari’s blog you can see the GIF animation and a bit more story about the overpass (in Finnish): Jari is a member of the THO research team.

A bright fireball and a Moon halo

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Weather of this observation season has been really bad: Clouds, more clouds and even more clouds. A few hours of clear skies during the last night was a welcomed change and luckily Taurus Hill Observatory’s All Sky Camera captured a nice bright fireball! Later in the evening the clouds returned once again but this time […]