The transit of the exoplanet TrES-2b observed in THO.

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Taurus Hill Observatory made fourth successful exoplanet observation by observing the lightcurve of the TrES-2. The measurements were made in 25./26.9.2006.

The photometry was made with R -filter with 60 sec. exposures. Weather was very clear, but a small fog and light clouds made the end of the observation quite challenging. Also the object was quite low in the north- western sky.

In the second figure datapoints are average of three successive measurements and magnitude error bars are standard deviation of these measurement values. We detected that the start moment of the transit was about 20 minutes too late or possibly the transit time could be little shorter than predicted 155 minutes? The central time of the transit was exactly like in prediction.

Comparison stars that were used in this measurement were GSC3549-2716 (C1) and GSC3549-2704 (C2). 

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