Comets SWAN (C/2006 M4) and Levy (P/2006 T1) photographed in THO.

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Veli-Pekka Hentunen photographed SWAN (C/2006 M4) -comet and Levy (P/2006 T1) -comet in Taurus Hill Observatory 19./20.10.2006. SWAN was quite bright (about 5.5 magn.) but Levy was only 9.5 magnitude object. The weather was quite poor due the clouds. Also it was near sunrise and due that the sky was also a bit light. The temperature was about -3 celcius.

Veli-Pekka photographed also some moons of the planet Saturn.

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Comet SWAN (C/2006 M4), 7×30 s, C-filter

Comet Levy (P/2006 T1), 7×90 s, C-filter

Saturn with moons, 1×6 s, C-filter