C/2006 M4 (SWAN) observed in Taurus Hill Observatory.

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Veli-Pekka Hentunen, Hannu Aartolahti and Markku Nissinen observed and photographed the C/2006 M4 (SWAN) -comet in Taurus Hill Observatory 29./30.10.2006. The comet was photographed with observatory’s 12″ Meade S-C, Paramount ME -mount and SBIG ST-8XME -CCD camera. This picture is combined by four 30 sec. esposured individual picture. You can see the plasma and dust tail in this picture. The lenght of the dust tail is about 9′. The time when this picture was taken was 21:12-21:15 finnish time 29./30.10.2006.

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