WASP-2b exoplanet observed in THO.

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We observed WASP-2b exoplanet transit first time in Taurus Hill Observatory Varkaus, early in the evening (17.00-19.30 Finnish time) in the 3th of November. We detected that the central time of the transit was accurately as in prediction. The object was about 30 degrees above the horizon in the southern sky. We used GSC522-780 (C1) and GSC52-452 as check stars. The exposure time was 60 sec with C-filter. Temperature was -9 degrees and humidity 85 %. Almost full Moon (phase 95 %) was shining in the eastern sky. In the figures is seen a short interval without datapoints. This is caused by a pier flip of the German Equatorial mount. Observers: Veli-Pekka Hentunen and Markku Nissinen.

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