HD209458b exoplanet transit observed in THO.

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HD209458b was the first exoplanet that was observed by amateur (Nyrölä, Finland; 2000). Taurus Hill Observatory’s observing group members Veli-Pekka Hentunen and Markku Nissinen photographed this exoplanet transit 27./28.11.2006. Due the humidity it was very difficult to make good measurements. Also the lack of the good comparison stars in field of the CCD -cell field made reliable measurements challenging.

The comparison stars used in this measurement were C1 (GSC1688-1903) and C2 (GSC1688-1864) . Both of these stars are about 11.4 magnitude in brightness. The measured star magnitude is about 7.6. Due this huge difference between magnitudes, the dispersion of the measurement is quite big. The V-band -filter and 15 sec. exposures were used in this measurement.

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