TrES-3 exoplanet light curve measured at THO.

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TrES-3 (GSC3089-929) located 800 ly away in the constallation Hercules is a little smaller star than Sun. It  has an exoplanet with an orbital period of only 1.306 days and so it is one of the shortest orbital period of the known exoplanets. Semimajor axis of TrES-3 exoplanet is 1.295 Rjup and it diminishes light of its host star even 0.03 magnitude. This is easy to observe with amateur equipments. This exoplanet discovery is published at 14th of May and now at 24th/25st of August it is observed first time at Taurus Hill Observatory in Varkaus, Finland. The exposure time was 60 sec with photometric R-filter. We detected that transit time of the exoplanet was alike in prediction. We used GSC3089-1137 (C1) and GSC3089-885 (C2) as check stars. The object was about 55 – 30 degrees above the horizon in the western sky. Temperature was 13 degrees and humidity 80 %. There was small fog and many tiny clouds in the sky at times through the observing period. That is why there is quite high deviation in some parts of the light curve. Observing team: Veli-Pekka Hentunen, Markku Nissinen, Harri Haukka and Veikko Mäkelä.


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