TrES-4 exoplanet transit observed at THO.

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In Hercules constallation is located an exoplanet named TrES-4. This exoplanet was discovered last year and the discovery was published in August. Its radius is even 1.67 Rjup and so it is the biggest known exoplanet. This object lies 1435 ly far away from the Earth.  TrES-4 diminishes light of its host star about 0.01 magnitude. Now 25./ September TrES-4 is observed first time at Taurus Hill Observatory Varkaus. We used GSC 2620-271 (C1) and GSC 2620-430 (C2) as check stars. The exposure time was 60 sec with C-filter. Observing conditions were even miserable. The object was only 30 – 20 degrees above the horizon in the northwest sky. The end of the transit was not observed because the object moved behind tall trees. Temperature was 12 degrees and humidity over 80 %. There were many light clouds in the sky all the observing period. Full moon shined in the southern sky. Observing team: Veli-Pekka Hentunen and Markku Nissinen.