Exoplanet WASP-3b transit observed at Taurus Hill Observatory.

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WASP-3b is a large gas giant that has a revolution time of 1.85 days. The mother star is GSC 2636-15. The radius of the planet is about 1.31 times the Jupiter radius. The temperature of the planet is about 1700 celsius degrees. The distance to the planet is about 727 light years. This planet was discovered by the SuperWASP project 31.10.2007.

The transit of the WASP-3b was fully observed and measured at Taurus Hill Observatory 7./8.3.2008 by the research team member Veli-Pekka Hentunen. Veli-Pekka used photometric R-filter for the measurements and 45 sec. exposure times. The brightness of the mother star was compared to the five comparison stars that are marked to the second picture below. The brightness change of the mother star was 1.14 per cent that was what the predictions predicted. The measurements started about five minutes before the predicted time of the transit. According to the light curve below, the transit occured at the predicted time.

The weather was quite good. Only at the last moments few clouds started to appear. The temperature was -8 celsius degrees. The object was about 30 to 50 degrees abowe the horizon in the east during the measurements.

This exoplanet has never before observed at Taurus Hill Observatory.

Observer: Veli-Pekka Hentunen