HAT-7-Pb exoplanet light curve partly measured..

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Exoplanet HAT-7-Pb (GSC 3547-1402) has been discovered 2008. Veli-Pekka Hentunen at Taurus Hill Observatory’s research team managed to measure part of the exoplanets light curve 31.3./1.4.2008. In Veli-Pekka’s light curve the second half of the transit is visible. The whole transit last about two hours. The brightness variation due the transit is about 7 – 8 mmag., and this is observed from the brightness rise in the end of the transit.

This exoplanet is about 1040 light years from the Earth. It is quite big “hot Jupiter” that has a revolution time of 2.205 days. The mother star itself is located in the Cygnus. At the moment of observations the object was about 50 degree high. The sky was a bit foggy and the temperature about + 4 celcius degrees. The measurements were carried out with clear -filtter ja 60 sec exposure times. The comparison star that was used for measurements was GSC 3547-1087 (C1).