SN 2010O and SN 2010P in Arp299 (NGC 3690).

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Arp299 (NGC3690) is combine of two merging galaxy. Due this, there are lot of areas where dust is condensed and where supernovae occurs. At the moment of this photograph there are two supernovae in the Arp299, SN 2010O and SN 2010P. The SN 2010P was discovered by researchers Seppo Mattila and Erkki Kankare by using the NOT-telescope. SN 2010P is only visible with the infrared wavelength and therefore it isn’t “visible” in the first picture below that is taken by the THO research team by using the THO’s 14″ S-C-telescope. Instead the SN2010O is very visbile in the first picture below.