Venus Transit 2012 is near.

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The Venus will transit over the Sun 6th of June. Transit starts 22:09 UTC and ends 04:49 UTC. Therefore if you want to see the whole transit in Europe, you have to travel as north as possible.

Part of the he Taurus Hill Observatory research team will travel to Nordkapp that is the northest place in Europe (continent) to photograph whole event as it did last time in the year 2004 in Taurus Hill Observatory. Now the plans of the “Nordkapp Expedition” are ready and the time schedule for the trip is below.

1.6. Varkaus to Sodankylä
2.6. Sodankylä to Stabbursdalen
3.6. Silfar canyon and other sights
4.6. Sightseeing and transportation to Kirkeporten.
5.6. Sightseeing in Mageroya and preparations for the Venus Transit 2012.
6.6. Night/early morning: TRANSIT OF THE VENUS
6.6. Most of the day expedition team will sleep after the transit.
7.6. Sightseeing and transportation to Alta.
8.6. Sightseeing in Alta region
9.6. Sightseeing and back to Sodankylä.
10.6. Sodankylä to Varkaus

The expedition team will use Taurus Hill Observatory 2.4″ Lunt LS60 h-alpha solar telescope (500/60, f/8.3) for observations and photographing the event. All the results and highlights of the trip will be posted to this www site and blog that is maintained by Jari Juutilainen. The blog, Pimennysmatkaaja, is in Finnish, but you can use google translator etc. if you have trouble to understand the language.


The Nordkapp Expedition -logo

Logo of the “Nordkapp Expedition”