Nova Delphini 2013 Observations Summary.

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Nova Delphini 2013 was one of the positive surprises of the late summer 2013. The maximum brightness of the nova was about 4 magnitudes and the best thing was that the nova was in very “good position” on the sky here in Finland. THO research team member Jari Juutilainen observed nova several times and here are the pictures and brief summary of the observations.

Nova Delphini 17.8.2013

Picture 1: Nova Delphini 17.8.2013. Brightness about 4 magnitudes.


Picture 2: Nova Delphini 17.8.2013. Brightness about 4 magnitudes.

Nova Delphini 23.8.2013
Picture 3: Nova Delphini 23.8.2013. Brightness about 6 magnitudes.
Nova Delphini 24.8.2013
Picture 4: Nova Delphini 24.8.2013. Brightness about 6.2…6.3 magnitudes.
Chart 1: The rough magnitude estimate according the pictures: