The spectrum of the supernova SN 2014J measured

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Taurus Hill Observatory research team measured the spectrum of the supernova SN 2014J. For measurement the THO research team used SBIG STT-8300M -camera, StarAnalyser100 spectrum lattice and Rspec-program. The image shows clearly the typical Ia-type of supernova spectrum, including the Si-II absorbtion line with wavelength of 6100 Angstrom. This is caused by fusion of the carbon and oxygen.

The wavelength of the spectrum has been calibrated to the Phecda-star, but the frequency response of the camera hasn’t been corrected. In addition the THO research team measured the brightness of the supernova and this time it was 10,16 CR magnitudes.

This was the first time in Finland when amateur astronomers has measured the spectrum of the supernova.