High-quality all sky camera installed in Castle of Clouds amateur observatory

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The high-quality all sky camera has now finally been installed in Castle of Clouds (Finnish as Pilvilinna) that is private amateur observatory at the THO site.

The camera has a resolution of six megapixels and produces a color image for the Warkauden Kassiopeia and THO websites every few minutes. The camera pole has been turned slightly so that the northern horizon is visible for northern lights. In the near future, attempts will also be made to introduce automatic detection for fireballs.

The data of the Pilvilinna Stickstation weather station is also published in the same place, where you can get information about the air pressure, temperature, humidity and dew point, as well as a curve that shows the values of the past 2 days in the table.

Link to the All Sky Camera webpages is here.

The blog of Ville Miettinen is located here.

Photo: Ville Miettinen.