Light curves of nine different exoplanets measured at THO

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A rare week in April. Seven consecutive clear nights. The dark moment of the night still lasted so long that the light curves of the exoplanet transits could be well measured.

During the week (April 14 – April 20, 2021), the Taurus Hill Observatory measured the light curves of nine different exoplanets. For two nights, even two different transits were measured in a row. In two measurements, the beginning of the light curve was not included because the reported time of passage was quite wrong.

Now the exoplanet observations for this period are probably over, as the weather forecast promises to be unstable for the next few days and the darkness of the night is starting to be too short. This winter, a total of 56 transit observations were made at the Taurus Hill Observatory. In total, more than 500 exoplanet observations have been made in Taurus Hill Observatory.

Figure: Taurus Hill Observatory.