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Full sky auroras observed at THO!

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Taurus Hill Observatory all sky -camera managed to photograph very bright auroras 27./28.3.2014. First there was quite a lot of clouds, but they vanished just in time for auroras. The video about the auroras below.     And here are some single shots that shows how bright the auroras were:

Auroras from the night 30./31.8.2013.

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Taurus Hill Observatory All Sky -camera managed to photograph once again some auroras 30./31.8.2013. Here are few photos and the YouTube-video from the night. Hopefully we can see some auroras during the dark winter nights here in Finland. Auroras can bee seen in the video below about 0:35 – 0:50.  

Auroras observed with all sky -camera.

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Taurus Hill Observatorys new Starlight Express Oculus All Sky -camera photographed first time auroras 26./27.8.2013. There were a lot of auroras in the Finnish sky and here are few examples from the night and video. Three “best” photos: North is in the right and the bright object is the Moon. And the video is below.

More auroras from Varkaus!

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Harri Vilokki photographed auroras in Juonionlahti 7.3.2012. Harri’s photographs below.     Esa Heikkinen also managed to photograph auroras in Varkaus. Esa reported auroras from two nights 8.3. and 17.3. Below are the Esa’s photos. 8.3.2012   17.3.2012

The northern lights are back!

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There has been already a few nights when northern lights have illuminated Finnish skies. THO research team member Harri Haukka managed to take some photos about the northern lights in Kirkkonummi 7.3.2012. The sky was quite light polluted and also the almost full Moon lightened the sky. Photos: Harri Haukka.   Harri Haukka and the […]