THO in Europlanet Science Congress 2022 in Granada, Spain

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After several years, the European planetary research community will gather at the traditional EPSC (Europlanet Science Congress) conference on September 18-23. This year, EPSC will be held in Granda, Spain, where it was originally supposed to be held already in 2020.

The last two EPSC conferences have been held as remote conferences via the internet, and this year there will also be some webcasts and recordings, but most of the presentations and poster sessions can only be experienced on site. So it can be said that the “return to the old” is slowly happening also in the case of conferences, and pure remote conferences are starting to become fewer. Of course, “remote access” has its good sides, but the general consensus is that the when research community meet each other face-to-face, it is more beneficial for science and networking than remote conferences etc.

Although face-to-face conferences had a break of a few years for well-known reasons, it should not be forgotten that observations and results of the Taurus Hill Observatory have been presented during the “remote period” as well. This year, the highlights of the last observation season of Taurus Hill Observatory will be presented as a a poster. The poster presenation is  already on the first official day of the conference, on Monday 19.9. The day is slightly different from usual (normally poster session has been on Tuesday) due to the mandatory transfer of EPSC’s traditional evening party to the Tuesday on the conference week.

In more detail, Taurus Hill Observatorys poster will be presented on Monday, September 19. at 18:45–20:15 in the session whose full title is “Professional-Amateur Collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial and Giant planets, exoplanets, and ground-based support of space missions“. The title of Taurus Hill Observatorys poster is somewhat traditionally “Taurus Hill Observatory Season 2021 – 2022 Exoplanet Observations Review” and you can read it by clicking on the following link (PDF, 2MB).

THO EPSC 2022 poster. Figure: Taurus Hill Observatory.