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A bright fireball and a Moon halo

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Weather of this observation season has been really bad: Clouds, more clouds and even more clouds. A few hours of clear skies during the last night was a welcomed change and luckily Taurus Hill Observatory’s All Sky Camera captured a nice bright fireball! Later in the evening the clouds returned once again but this time […]

All Sky Camera is back online (again).

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The All Sky Camera of the Taurus Hill Observatory is back online – again. After promising start of the season technical difficulties started showing up one by one. At first All Sky Camera’s USB-cable short circuited because of the condensed water. When the cable was replaced our ethernet router broke and we lost internet connection […]

Light curve of Exoplanet KOI127b

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The autumn season has started with usual rainy weathers but Taurus Hill Observatory’s research team member Veli-Pekka Hentunen managed to measure the light curve of exoplanet KOI127b. KOI127b is one of the exoplanet candidates found by the Kepler-satellite. For the light curve 102 images with 150 seconds exposure time were taken. The star wich expolanet […]

Comet C/2014 E2 (Jacques) observed in THO

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A new season started in THO with a nice picture of comet C/2014 E2 (Jacques)! Taurus Hill Observatory’s reasearch team member Veli-Pekka Hentunen observed the comet during the night between 5th-6th of September. A light of the comet was captured in a 10 x 90 seconds sequences. It still takes at least a few weeks […]

V. A. Heiskanen Memorial

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Professor Veikko Aleksanteri Heiskanen’s memorial was officially unveiled in the annual Sun Day event of Taurus Hill Observatory. V. A. Heiskanen’s memorial was relocated to Taurus Hill Observatory last autumn from the yard of Harjuranta School after the already closed down school was sold to a private owner. Taurus Hill Observatory was chosen a new […]

All Sky Camera returns from the summer break

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Taurus Hill Observatory’s All Sky Camera has returned from the summer break! The summertime in Finland is way too bright for astronomical observations and even the shortest possible exposure in the camera’s software burns the image all white. Now summer is coming to the end and the sky is getting darker every night. We are […]

Asteroid 3 Juno observed

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THO research team member Jari Juutilainen continued the start of the observing season 25.8.2013 by observing the asteroid 3 Juno. At the moment of the photograph the Juno was about 8,6 magnitudes bright and quite easily observed by the SLR-camera optics.  

Asteroid Iris 7 observed several times

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The nights are getting darker and darker in Finland and therefore it is possible to continue the astronomical observations after bright summer months. THO research team member Jari Juutilainen spotted and photographed the asteroid Iris 7 couple of times between 16.-25.8.2013. Picture 1: Asteroid iris 7 16.8.2013. Picture 2: Asteroid iris 7 23.8.2013. Picture 3: […]