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Asteroid 409 Aspasia’s light curve almost completed.

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Aspasia’s light curve was measured almost completely. Observation of the whole light curve (9,020 h) can’t yet be done because too short dark time during the night. Weather conditions were good, even moisture was pretty high – almost 90%. This time Moon wasn’t disturbing observation.  We used TYC 1181-1748-1 (C1) and TYC 1181-1651-1 (C2) as […]

Light curve of Geometria and Eurynome.

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Following observations are made from Geometria 16/17 March 2006 and 26/27 March 2006 in THO. Observations are made in the night of 2/3 April 2006 from Eurynome. Observers: Veli-Pekka Hentunen and Markku Nissinen. (Tämä uutinen suomeksi)