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THO in Europlanet Science Congress 2022 in Granada, Spain

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After several years, the European planetary research community will gather at the traditional EPSC (Europlanet Science Congress) conference on September 18-23. This year, EPSC will be held in Granda, Spain, where it was originally supposed to be held already in 2020. The last two EPSC conferences have been held as remote conferences via the internet, […]

HAT-P-3b exoplanet transit.

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The light curve of the HAT-P-3b exoplanet transit did come completely by “fluttering”. Everything seemed to go wrong when measuring, but still the light curve is quite reasonable. At the beginning of the measuring, the camera cell was right on ice. The first target HAT-P-36b failed at all due to camera cell freezing. Due to […]

WASP-48b and TOI2152.01b transit observations from 21.-22.3.2022 night.

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Couple of exoplanet transit observations from 21.-22.3.2022 night. WASP-48b and TOI2152.01b. The TOI2152.01b transit occurred approximately 20 min earlier than predicted. The brightness of the morning already hindered the measurement of the rest of the transit. Otherwise, the transit should be clear. There are no previous measurements on this subject, at least in the TRESCA […]