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WASP-48b and TOI2152.01b transit observations from 21.-22.3.2022 night.

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Couple of exoplanet transit observations from 21.-22.3.2022 night. WASP-48b and TOI2152.01b. The TOI2152.01b transit occurred approximately 20 min earlier than predicted. The brightness of the morning already hindered the measurement of the rest of the transit. Otherwise, the transit should be clear. There are no previous measurements on this subject, at least in the TRESCA […]

New CCD camera for Taurus Hill Observatory

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Taurus Hill Observatory has acquired a new CCD camera. The purchase was confirmed in August 2021, when the observatorys project funding application was approved by the Mansikka ry. The observatory receives a 75% subsidy on the purchase price of the camera. The new camera is an ASI 2600MM Pro and comes with a ZWO EFW […]